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Mortuaties - Just one of the many types of businesses we can service

At Kent Air Solutions, we provide air conditioning solutions to a range of businesses, including mortuaries.

We understand the importance of maintaining lower temperatures inside a mortuary is vital for many reasons including:

The preservation of bodies:

Evaporators and condensers are essential to maintaining suitable temperatures within the setting, which will usually be around 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. Maintaining this temperature will help delay the decomposition of bodies and prevent pathogens and bacteria from growing.

The wellbeing of staff during the embalming procedure:

When staff are working with chemicals such as formaldehyde, it can cause a very toxic working environment. Formaldehyde requires lower handling temperatures to reduce the release of harmful vapours. Air conditioning ventilation systems can work to remove these harmful vapours and protect the staff working in this environment.

Kent Air Solutions also offers regular air conditioning servicing, cleaning and maintenance to help maintain safe working practices and protect staff from respiratory and dermatological issues.

Kent Air Solutions offer full design, supply and installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems, we can provide you with expert advice and offer a range of budget to stylish systems. 

We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and our engineers hold the required qualifications to ensure our work is to the highest standard.

Call for a free quote: 01634 907195


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