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Goodbye Summer, hello autumn

As we say goodbye to summer and autumn draws nearer, it's a perfect time to think about effective solutions to heat your home through the colder months.

Did you know - Air conditioning not only cools you in the summer but can also keep you warm during those colder days!

Once installed, air conditioning is the most affordable way of heating your home, compared with alternative electrical heating devices and elements such as gas, oil, coal or wood.

It also starts heating from the second you switch the unit on, so you can feel the immediate benefits and will not have to wait for the system to heat up. Perfect for cold evenings or when you first come in from a winters walk.

Additional benefits are:

  • It can save you money and help the planet when using a reverse cycle air con

  • Air conditioning units contain a filtration system, this keeps the area fresh, free of dust particles and pollutants.

  • An air conditioning system can help with damp in the home and reduce condensation and mould.

We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and our engineers hold the required qualifications to ensure our work is to the highest standard.

So, contact us for expert advice, more information or to arrange a free tailored no obligation quote and see how air con can help you this winter.


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