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Four benefits of air con in the winter

Air conditioning not only cools you in the summer but can also keep you warm during those winter months

Plus using a reverse cycle air con to heat your home is extremely energy efficient, so you’ll be saving costs and helping save the planet too!

  • Safety - Air conditioners do not create ash or asbestos dust; they are unlikely to cause an electric fire. While refrigerant leaks can be dangerous, they’re not nearly as toxic as carbon monoxide leaks.

  • Cost - Air conditioning is the most affordable way of heating compared with alternative electrical heating devices and elements such as gas, oil, coal or wood.

  • Space - Air conditioning units are relatively compact. This can make them the ideal solution for homes that don’t have enough space for a furnace.

  • Convenience - Air conditioning units start heating the moment you switch them on. You will not have to wait for things to warm up and will feel immediate benefits.

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