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Be careful when buying air conditioning units online

Air Conditioning is an investment so we do all we can to ensure you have all the relevant information about the products we supply and install. Sometimes customers try and source an air conditioning unit online but very often these units are not made a reputable manufacturer. They have been made for DIY purposes “claiming” they are easy to install however refrigeration and air conditioning engineers have specialist tools to install systems which customers won’t have access to in order to complete the installation. This then ends in more costs and potentially damaging the unit purchased online if not installed correctly.

All our suppliers must have a copy of our F-Gas certification before selling us air conditioning systems so if you purchase a unit and this is not asked for, this is not a reputable manufacturer.

To save money in the long run call us today for expert advice, more information or to arrange a free tailored no obligation quote: 07958 353 929


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