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6 Ways to Keep Your House Cool and Lower AC Costs

Although it may be freezing cold now, we know that, due to climate change, the time will soon come around when we will have uncomfortable hot summer days again, and your AC bill could come in at a particularly steep price.

Running your home’s AC on full blast for long periods can quickly cause a sky high energy bill, so here are 6 ways to keep your house cool as well as lowering AC costs. 1.Increase the temperature - Instead of making the house so cold you need to wear extra layers inside, set the thermostat a few degrees higher so that the AC doesn’t need to work so hard to maintain the desired temperature. As a general rule, a smaller difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature can reduce energy costs by 10% a year. 2. Put your thermostat in the right place - place your thermostat in a cooler place, as if you put it on a wall that is in direct sunlight or receives a lot of heat, it will be triggered to go on more frequently. 3. Limit heat producing appliances during the day - Plan your schedule so that you use the dishwasher, oven and dryer in the early morning or evening rather than during the warmest hours of the day. Also use your grill and microwave instead of the cooktop and oven during the summer. 4. Keep the windows closed - Sealing off your home from the heat outside is key to keeping it cool. Keep windows closed and lock them to create an airtight seal and eliminate the cool air leaking. Also draw the curtains / blinds to block the light. If the evening temperature is cooler, open them in the evening and close them again in the morning. 5. Keep your AC in good working condition - make sure you keep your system regularly maintained (Kent Air Solutions offer this service). These tune-ups are essential to help your system run more efficiently and extend its life. 6. Install a ceiling fan - ceiling fans can help circulate air around the house more effectively. If you have a 2 storey home it is recommend to install ceiling fans upstairs, and open windows on a lower level. Moving air not only helps cool things down but can also help evaporate sweat. To find out more about the air conditioning systems we offer, including service and maintenance, please call us on 07958 353 929


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